BookmyBook is a conceptual digital platform where travelers/ frequent commuters can buy, rent and exchange books from any railway station in India. The application allows user to book any book/magazine/ newspaper and get it delivered on their seat and read it and drop it at next station if desired. The application utilizes the already established network of book vendors across Indian railway stations.

On an average 1.9% of India’s total population travels in trains on any given day*.

On 258 stations in India, A.H. Wheelers have their book stalls operating since 1877.
The study was conducted to understand Indian traveler’s reading habits and provide a solution to enhance the accessibility of the facility for the same.

Contextual Inquiry

In order to understand the aforementioned scenario, contextual inquiry technique was employed on book vendors at different railway stations.The contextual inquiry was carried out at Pune Junction in Maharashtra and at various suburb stations (Vikhroli, Churchgate, CSMT, Marine Lines, Dadar etc.) in Mumbai.​​​​​​​ Further studies included surveying the travelers to validate the breakdowns noted in the contextual inquiry.


Following inferences were drawn from the contextual inquiry and user survey.

Competitive Mapping

The competitive mapping has been done here marking all the direct and indirect competitors against the functions of the actor i.e the book vendor

Competitor Matrix


Ideation Matrix

For the issues identified from the buyer and vendor’s perspective, following were the ideated possible solutions.


From the above listed ideas, following concepts were generated which could be worked upon. ‘Bookyourbook’ is the selected concept which has been presented here.

User Personas

From the user surveys, following are the user personas that were identified. These personas represent the user types that might use this conceptual application in a expected manner.


The following storyboard depicts the scenario where user identifies the need to have an online platform to accomplish the desired goal

Visual Elements

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